New Theme


Those who have followed this blog will notice a change in the look, format, and feel of these pages.

I have adopted a new theme, for a number of reasons. I hope to better display my growing collection of photographs. Although I want to focus on my images, I might want to include more comments. I want you (my visitors and followers) to have a better experience. And, I just want to make a change.

Changing themes on WordPress can present somewhat of a challenge. Each basic theme offers many ways to customize. It may take a while for me to make all the changes I want; so, things might not look too pleasing to begin with, but I hope they will become much better in the future. In the worst case I might just go back to the theme I have been using.

If you have comments about this change, please enter them in the comments box below. I will provide a more convenient place for general comments later.

Jim Berger