These links take you to photography projects that cover a long time. I will annotate the as I develop them.

Korea and Japan

Images that I captured during my Army tour (1967-1968) in South Korea and during a trip to Japan during that same period.


Nature offers up some of the most astounding images. For the most part the photographer simply needs to point his camera and shoot. Before I make a million landscape photographers mad, it takes a lot of work to get the lighting and composition that little bit better and separate excellence from snapshots.


Waterscapes provide an environment for innumerable living creatures, seen and unseen. They also offer amazing reflections of the world above. As with landscapes, lighting and composition make the difference.


Bridges offer some of the best examples of how men can harness the forces of nature to accomplish the otherwise impossible task of traveling above ground or water from one location to another.


Mixing function with beauty become the essence of buildings. Some buildings offer function with little beauty. Others try so hard for beauty that they lose the beauty of function. The photographer has the challenge of displaying the balance between function and beauty (where that balance exists.)